Holdem Player's Skills

For a good, loose holdem game there is another important concept that can be played. For instance a tough player to your right bets and there is bad player to your left. If there is close situation between and raising and calling, even with the scale tipping towards raising, you should not raise. This concept comes up on all the betting holdem rounds.

With the bad players on your left should turn some raises into calls if you think that the raise will knock him out. To put in other way, when the decision seems close, you should be less likely to knock a bad player behind you, especially if your raise is likely to leave you heads-up with a good player.

The concept is true on the last betting round. Suppose a good player bets and you have close to the nuts, but not actually the nuts. It would be incorrect to raise him if your raise will get a player out because the good player may now fold (or perhaps re-raise). Why not get the call from the weak rival on your left? You have better chance than the normal for the over call, so go ahead and raise.

This is also true on other rounds of betting as well. There are other exceptions where you happen to have the kind of hand that might want to get heads-up, but in many cases aggressive players raise too much and not giving any chance for the weak players to call.

If it is important to get heads-up, then definitely try to do it. But if you have a hand that could be played anyhow and you are leaning towards raising, if there is a bad player to your left, (even more when the original bettor is a good player) just call and allow the bad players to be in.

We have two other reasons to do so. First is that when you get to play against bad player, he's certainly going to make mistakes against you.

Very few players consider the second reason. It is known as a protected pot. When you keep bad player in a close decision you don't have to think much when a good player bets. He will bluff little because he knows that even if you fold, the other player will call his bet. This will have the effect of slowing him down and you should take advantage of that.

The situations can be reversed when the bad player is in the hand. For example in the big blind you have

And the flop comes

You check and the good player bets and the bad players as said just call. You should almost always go for a check-raise because the good player will find difficulty to bluff you as you are check-raising not only him, but also the bad player. And both you and the good player know the bad player will call all the time.

By making this check-raise, the good player will not try to outdraw you. Not only will he throw away his a middle pair, he might even muck with a hand like

And allow you to play the bad player heads-up. And if he does re-raise you know you are beat. So by reversing this process you can sometimes take full advantage of those times when the good player knows that you will not try to bluff the bad player.

Playing in Loose holdem Games


It is important to know that even if you play your normal holdem games and assume your rivals are playing well you can still win money in such easy loose holdem games. However, you cannot win as you expected if any kind of adjustments are made.

The correct approach to beat loose holdem games is absolutely different from what other people thinks. The idea is not to knock out someone quickly because you happen to have an edge. It is correct to wait till the next round where your chances are higher to make your move. However, you may find that your advantage has gone and you will be satisfied that you did not put in those extra bets previously.

The bad players who play too many holdem hands and go too far away with their hands are ideal rivals. But you can make little changes to exploit to the fullest. It involves what holdem hands you play, which hands you raise with and which hands you do not, and how on later streets you play those hands.

It is always significant to remember that when the holdem pot gets big the important aspect to your approach is to win all the money from the pot. As we indicated in the site, winning some of these hands is not the matter of betting. We have also described that sometimes it may be best not to bet at all in order that you can try for a raise on the next round.

To conclude, we want to indicate that there is no shortage of loose holdem games. In fact, majority of the hold'em games in card rooms around the country are of the loose variety. On the whole, the small limit games are looser than the high limit holdem games and the quality of games does not change with the situations. However, if you understand the ideas and concepts of holdem in this section very well, you should be able to take the advantage to the maximum whenever you find yourself playing with weak holdem players who play as many as poker hands and go too far away with their hands.

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