Holdem Strategy : Very Loose Blinds

Till here we have mentioned the idea how of how to play when the blinds don't call enough. What if the blinds call?

Suppose you are on the button with no one else yet in a game and where the big blind calls 100 percent of the time. In that case you shouldn't raise unless your hand is over and above 40 percent because the blind is going to call and why put in more money if you are going to get called every time. But there is a play that can be made that you normally never see (except by a "visitor") yet should be done. It is just calling on the button.

When the players in the blinds are very loose or at least appropriate to defend their blinds there are hands that you should only call with. You should follow this approach only when you don't like your hand that much and don't want to put any more money in the pot than necessary. (Remember that you are always going to be called.) Though your hand is not bad enough to throw away given that you are just against two blinds.

For example, you raise with A2, or 33 get two calls and the flop comes

Someone with hands like KT, QT, T8, or T7 will bet and you will have to fold the best hand. Thus your hand has a less winning percentage than it appears. Therefore you should just call on the button.

If, however, you are one off the button you should not make this play. Now you fold the A6 (except you think there is good chance that all remaining players will not call enough, in which case you raise). One hand that might be okay to call with is something like 98s. It is worth playing cheaply against the two blinds and perhaps the button, but isn't worth raising with when there is no chance of stealing the pot.

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