Holdem FAQ: First Two Cards

Middle Position

1. Which hands can you play from middle position?
In an un-raised pot, you can play with all the hands in Groups 1-5 when the game is typical or tough. In a loose, passive game it is okay to play Group 6 hands as well.

2. What if the game is loose-aggressive?
You should throw away weaker hands like KJ and T8.

3. What if you are not first in?
You should first consider the strength of your rival. That is, be more inclined to play the average hands only against weak players.

4. What about the small pairs and medium suited connectors if you are first in and the game are loose?
You should just throw them away.

5. What if there are already one or more players in and you can hope a multi-way pot?
Hands like 22 or 87 may become playable if the game conditions are perfect.

6. What if you are first in with a large suited connector?
You should almost always raise.

7. If you are first in, what hands should you raise with?
You should raise with hands in Groups 1, 2 and 3.

8. What if there have been callers to your right?
You should generally follow the same guidelines.

9. What else should you consider if there are callers to your right and you hold a Group 3 hand?
You should consider as to how well your rivals play and whether you want a lot of players or a few players.

10. When you should raise with Group 4 hands AJ and KQ?
When your raise is likely to:
A. Knock out many players behind you.
B. Keep the pot short-handed.
C. And no strong player has voluntarily entered the pot.

11. What else would you like?
You would prefer tight players in the blinds.

12. What if someone has limped who could hold a dangerous hand?
You should consider folding.

13. If the pot already has been raised, what hands should you re-raise with?
You can re-raise AA, KK, QQ and AK's and AK and sometimes other good hands such as T9 and 88.

14. What if the raiser is a loose raiser?
You can use the same guidelines as given for early position play.

15. When should you almost always raise rather than a call?
A. No one has yet entered the pot.
B. You have a playable hand.
C. You believe there is a fair chance that all the players behind you will fold.

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