Playing against a Holdem Maniac

It is possible that you will be playing with some maniac in play poker . A maniac in the poker is a person who not only plays much more than his suitable share of hands, but also raises and re-raises continuously, even though the hand he holds does not deserve it. Although the maniac will lose his game, he might also put you into trouble.

(Note that the best sort of rival is loose, passive player, as he will call your bet while he shouldn't and as he occasionally bluffs you will certainly come to know about his hand. That is, you can easily throw away your hand in areas where you are would have to pay off other players, especially the maniac. Moreover, you can successfully play more hands against such kind of rivals in any form of poker. Maniacs find it little hard to get their own money.)

But what about playing against loose, wild, and extremely aggressive player? If he acts after you do, you should be very selective to play your hand. Also consider that drawing hands like

Which require high implied odds decreases in value as you expect the maniac to raise and thereby reduce the number of rivals that will see the flop. That is, you should only high card hands and medium or high pairs unless many rivals have called in front of you.

If you play after the maniac, the situation would change slightly. This is because when he raises, his standard raising hand is likely much weaker than the average raising hand of a tough rival. However, if you are playing against the maniac you should be ready to re-raise punish him for his extra aggressive tendencies. Another advantage of re-raising is that you increase your chance of getting the pot heads-up against him.

You should always prefer to sit to the left of the maniac unless there are some prudent players in the game who will not accept your strategy and will play or even make it four bets with many hands behind you. But if the other players allow you to re-raise him with something like

And they will not interfere unless they have a legitimate three bet hand, then you definitely want to be on his left.

If in case other players do interfere then it is better to be on the maniac's right so that you first get a chance to see how they play. Being on the maniac's right gives an opportunity to limp in before the flop or check to him on the later streets. It makes everyone in the middle and then there is a chance for you to raise. There are many advantages to it. The only reason to be on his left is to try to eliminate him from the game.

If there is any maniac in the game you prefer to be on his left if the other players at the table allow you to run over him. If you cannot eliminate him you want to be on his right because you want to check and after he best you can out them in the middle. (If you are heads-up, then it won't matter as you will always check to the maniac if you are first to act.)

Let's assume that there is maniac in your game, he raises every hand and you are seated to his left. What type of hands you will play against him? The answer is you should play those hands that can win at the showdown without any improvement. This includes hands like A9 and KT and you will raise with them providing that your re-raise will get you heads-up. If you do, you should see many similar hands to the end unless it comes really bad.

Here you would think that it is obvious to other players so know what you are doing. But still they remain in a bad position when you make it three bets. Unless they are comfortable with trying to interfere with what you are doing - and very few players are - may be able to play more than 25 percent of your hands in this manner provided that you are in a late position and there is no one else (except the maniac) in the pot. If 25 percent of hands are high then keep in mind that maniac will be playing close to 100 percent of his hands.

Playing Good Hands When It Is Three Bets Before the Flop

For example you started with

For two bets and someone else makes it three bets. How will you play your hand?
Notice in this situation, you are up against either a high pair, which may or may not be able to beat, or two high cards usually AK. It means if any ace or king comes on the flop, you should generally and fold. But if the flop looks positive, be inclined to check and call all the way. (Of course depending on your rival and the board, it would be better to bet when all the cards are out.)

Checking and calling represents two reasons. The first reason is if you check and raise, and have the worst hand, you will lose more money. However, if you have the best hand, your rival may fold on the turn and you won't be able to win more money as you could have won before his folding.

Another reason for checking and calling is that you force your rival to bluff all the way. For example he has a hand like

He will certainly bet with this hand not only on the flop but also later on the turn and river expecting for you to fold. Give him a chance to throw his money away. Remember, risking free cards is not dangerous at this point because you might be beaten anyway.

One exception of just calling before the flop against re-raising is when you believe that your rival may think that you might be stealing. This occurs when you are first in an early position or when you are raising a lot. In this situation, if he is somewhat wise or extremely aggressive, he will be quick to make it three bets. Thus, you want to take it to four bets. On the other hand, if you just call, you will out him into a weak position and he may bet on the flop and the turn with very few outs.

Suppose if you raise early with QQ either one or two positions off the button, the aggressive might make it three bets with a hand like

To make it four bets is a possible option. So you can play the hand more aggressively on the later streets.
Suppose the flop looks favorable, but you have three betted while you hold

Instead you two queens. You should play your hand similar as before though your chances have decreases because you might be against tens or jacks. The exception would be when you are against three rivals and the re-raiser is last to act. Now here you want to come out betting. Your betting might force the players who were between you and the original raiser to fold, as they will fear another raise.

If you raise with high card, get re-raised and the flop come to high pair, it is usually correct to check and call all the way. The exception would be obvious AK, where you will raise along the players with the high pair. But with other hands, you should play with one pair against someone who has both position on both and has revealed a big hand. Discretion is the best part of valor. Online Casinos Boylesports free bet Casino A game which is liked by everyone all over the world is Bingo Spiele. It gives you an opportunity to win huge amount of money along with ultimate entertainment. Get all the latest poker tournament details here at Swiss Poker, as well as poker news and pokers strategy for all your favorite variations.

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