The Paradox of Holdem

One of the fascinating aspect about holdem is its dual nature. The game is both incredibly simple and complex as well. If you've watched any World Poker Tour (WPT) broadcast, you've heard holdem described as a games that 'takes a minute to learn and life time to master.' That's is really true, and a large part of the appeal of the game is that you can sit down and lear how to play almost immediately. In this sense, holdem can be understand the basic mechanics of the game well enough to play it, and the luck element present you with some chance of emerging a winner.

However, after playing a bit, you become aware that holdem has many layers, each more complex that the previous one. The deeper you develop your understanding of the game, the better your results should be. The best thing for you is this: most players never work to develop their games. What they know about the game is strictly what they draw from their personal experience at the table, much of which they don't properly interpret. In fact they often misinterpret their experience in counterproductive ways. So there is great opportunity for those who wish to invest a bit of time and effort in improving their game.