Holdem FAQ: Playing in Loose Games

1. Against bad players is it harmful to mull over your decisions?
Yes, it is possible.

2. Why?
This is because when you sit there and think you persuade bad players to play better against you.

3. What it is that you don't want to represent?
It is that you are capable of throwing away good hands for one more bet and that you look at every single decision seriously.

4. When do you contribute more money from your rivals?
You extract more money from them when you put them in a position to make big mistakes.

5. What should you do in a loose passive game where many players see the flop and then play poorly after that?
A. Play more hands, especially for a single bet.
B. Keep it to a single bet before the flop more often.

6. With a hand that is good but not great, what happens if you don't raise and cost yourself a less amount of money in this spot?
You gain it back plus some more because had you made the pot bigger there would be less opportunities for your rivals to make big mistakes further.

7. What if you are playing against very terrible rivals?
It is difficult to raise with good hands even though you are costing yourself money on the later streets.

8. What is a reason not to play K5?
It can be a problem if a king flops.

9. What if you are a good player?
You won't get trapped. You should be able to play K5 flop a king and fold frequently.

10. When it is a correct strategy to call with bottom pair in a multi-way pot?
The correct strategy is if there was a raise but not if there was not a raise.

11. If the game is good, what should you do?
In this case, you should play more hands, especially suited hands, but only if it seems that you can get in cheaply with them.

12. If you are in a loose passive game, where they generally call, but raise very less, what hands can you play under the gun?
You can play Ax's, J9s, anything better and all pairs.

13. What about AK or AQ?
You shouldn't raise at this point where you would raise in tougher, tighter games.

14. In a huge pot why can it be right to bet a hand that you know is beat?
This is because it is important to increase your chance to win the pot.

15. Suppose you hold AK you are on the button and there are seven people in for a triple bet. The flop is A94and the player on your right is the first to bet. What should you do?
You should simply call and go for the raise on fourth street.

16. Is it important that your hand should be suited?
Yes, it is the great advantage for a hand to be suited.

17. What is the reason to raise with flush cards?
This is because if you flop the draw, by your making the pot bigger people will now play hands that can't win against your hand if you hit it.

18. What if the other players are poor?
There is no reason to make this raise in order to entice their call on the flop because they will stay in anyway.

19. For a raise with AQ in an early position to be correct what do you need to achieve?
You should be able to limit the pot to only a small number of players.

20. If an aggressive player on your right bets, there is a bad player to your left and the situation is close between raising and calling, what would you do?
You should just call.

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