Holdem Spread Limit Games

Few smaller Holdem limit games are structured differently from those that we have been discussing. These are known as spread limit games. Particularly bets are not fixed at a specific size and you can bet any amount between certain limits. Two common holdem spread limit games are $1-$4, where any bet or raise can be $1, $2, $3 or $4 where any bet or raise can be as small as $2, or as large as $10 or any dollar amount in between.

Most of the material has been covered already also applies to spread limit games. There are, however, two differences we would like to mention. First, you can often see the flop cheaply, meaning that your implied odds are much larger than in a game with the standard structure. Accordingly, many (weak) drawing hands that you would not normally play become playable in a spread limit game even from an early position.

On the contrary if you hold a high pair, you want to get as much money as possible into the pot before the flop. If you do so, you will avoid large implied odds that the drawing hands normally can get. (One simple way to achieve to this is to bet less in an early position with a premium hand such as AA or KK. Then if someone else raises after the other players have called you should re-raise more.)

The second difference in a spread limit game is that if you limp in less before the flop and are raised more, you should throw away your hand if you are not holding a hand that plays well in a short-handed pot. In this case, the large implied odds that you were expecting to get are now no longer available. Those who do not throw away their hands at this point are the continuous losers in spread limit games.

For example you limp in with

And the player often raises behind you. Unless other players have called his raise, you should muck your hand. In case if you fail to do so, later in the long run it would cost you very expensive.


All the information and material presented in this section are all based upon the ideas and concepts covered earlier in this section. Suppose when playing in a spread limit game you can play some weak drawing hands up front due to the large implied odds that you expect, as long as there is not much raising going on.

There are in fact numerous variations of non-standard games that hold'em has to offer. We have just explained few of them. However, the basic ides presented in this section as well as the previous sections should allow you to successfully attack any form of Texas hold'em that you may confront.

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